Mission and Values


To share professional choral music with the global community by training excellent young performers.

Core Values and Beliefs

The Chorale's programs, collaborations and operations are guided by the following core values and beliefs:

    • Excellence is at the core of all Chorale activities.  Through disciplined action and ongoing evaluation, we deliver performances and music education programs of the highest quality.
    • We are inclusive. Our programs reflect our diverse community.  We ensure music and performance experiences for all children by offering need-based tuition assistance and bringing our programs to under-resourced communities.
    • We value innovation.  We commission new works to expand the repertoire of music for children.  Our ensembles blend the unchanged voices of boys and girls to create a rich, uniquely American sound, stretching participants to perform a diverse and expanding repertoire of music with theatrical and inventive choreography.
    • We ignite a passion for music. We believe that music has the power to transform lives. Our performances enrich the lives of children, families and audiences while providing gratifying, life changing experiences for our young performers.
    • We value arts education.  We believe that performance training and music education are vital components in the development of the whole child.  We are committed to raising awareness of the importance of investing in the development of a child's creative thinking and the critical role arts education plays in a child's life.
    • We are committed to collaboration and community building through music.  We believe that participation in choral music creates community connections and breaks down barriers that separate us.  Through our collaborations with other professional performing arts institutions, we expand our reach in the community we serve.
    • We are fiscally responsible.  We operate with accountability, fulfill our obligation to our community stakeholders, and are responsible stewards of the resources invested in our work.